$1,163.76 raised
GOAL: $1,500.00

We have a huge hurdle to overcome to bring our message to new voters. We have to work twice as hard as our competition to overcome stereotypes and the fear of the unknown cast by my competition. Our strategy is voter contact, good old-fashioned retail politics. We've scheduled one canvassing event, one sign wave, and one meet-and-greet a week until the election on October 24th.

I'm in it to win it, and I can not do it without you.

Our first goal is to raise a total of $300 for yard signs. - THANK YOU!
Second, we need to raise $250 for palm cards to be printed. - THANK YOU!
Thirdly, we need to raise $750 for a Direct Mail Blast of the voting district. - IN PROGRESS!

I greatly appreciate your support, I truly do. Thank you.

If you would like to donate via Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, please follow this link for instructions.

Mailing Address for donations:
3 Berry Brook Ct
Dover, NH 03820
Make check payable to: "Brian Shields,"
with a note of 'ShieldsForNH.'

For all donations:
~ Aggregate $100 donations require your Employer, Job Title, Employer City for disclosure purposes.
~ Maximum per person aggregate donation of $1000.